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Orego Mint

Extend bronchial And prevention of respiratory diseases.

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Oreganum Oil.

1-Destroy protective membrane of RNA ,DNA of the virus by (Carvacrol)
2-Induce the formation of Interferon activity like substances.
3-Significant antioxidant effect.
4-Improve the efficacy of vaccine ( Humeral antibody response ) especially ND , AI .
5-Significant Improve of Feed conversion rate .
6-Improve meat quality ( Color & Odour )

Menthol & Thymaol & Carvacol.

1-Tonic and stimulant
6-Anti inflamatory
Essential oil will not negativly affect Saprophitic flora they will stimulate there growth and this is very important on the contrary the effect of antibiotic which will completely destroy them


2-Drug of choice for all viral and bacterial respiratory diseases like AI, ND, Coryza, CRD

Each 1 liter contains

Component Amount
Thyme oil (thymol 94.42 g) 200 ml
Camphor oil (camphor 9.18 g) 20 ml
Mint oil (Mentol 53.28 g) 100 ml
Organium oil (Carafacrol 60.2 g & thiamol 4 g) 100 ml
Sorbitol 100 ml
Distilled water 100 ml
Organium oil (Carafacrol 60.2 g & thiamol 4 g) 100 ml

1. Extend bronchial.
2 - the best solution for most bacterial and viral infections of the respiratory system.

Do not exceed 1 cm per 5 liter drinking water for 3 to 5 days