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Orego Mint

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Oreganum Oil.

1-Destroy protective membrane of RNA ,DNA of the virus by (Carvacrol)
2-Induce the formation of Interferon activity like substances.
3-Significant antioxidant effect.
4-Improve the efficacy of vaccine ( Humeral antibody response ) especially ND , AI .
5-Significant Improve of Feed conversion rate .
6-Improve meat quality ( Color & Odour )


1 - Inhibit entry of the VIRUS by directly binding to HM glycans on the envelope glycoprotin HA .
2 - Block or Seal to Sialic acid receptors which is the site of entrance of the Virus .
3 - Inhibit shedding of the virus in early stage of infection
4 - Br
oad spectrum of antiviral activity . 5 - Stimulate Immune system for production of IgG and IgE.
6 - Improve action of Phagocyte and Lymphocyte on foreign body .
Essential oil will not negativly affect Saprophitic flora they will stimulate there growth and this is very important on the contrary the effect of antibiotic which will completely destroy them


Growth Promoter

Fructo oligosaccharides

1-Inhibit Salmonella spp. Growth.
2-Improve growth performance.


Improve Liver function .


1- ND, AI, IB, Gumboro, Coryza , CRD , Bronchitis
2- Post Vaccination reaction after the life vaccine
3- Secandary bacterial infection after viral infection
4- Potentiate the role of antibody in bacterial infection
5- Improve liver and gut function.

Each 1 liter contains

Component Amount
Organium oil 100 ml
Fracto or Garbo Scried 30 g
Xylitol 30 g
Sorbitol 200 g
Distilled water up to 1 liter

1. Viral diseases such as Anfunza, Newcastle, CRD & IB & CORYZA
2 - in cases of reaction to live vaccines
3 - in cases of bacterial infection of respiratory infections
4. Stimulates the activity of antibody antibodies in case of bacterial infections
5. Stimulates liver and intestinal functions

1 cm per 4 liter drinking water for 3 to 5 days