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Isomalto oligosaccharides

- Prevent The accumulation and coagulation of manan molecules from each other.
- Giving greater surface area and multiplier effect
- The additional quantities of the carboxypeptidease A enzyme were stabilized on the surface of the Mannan oligo saccharides molecules by isomalto oligosaccharide

Carboxy peptidase A

It breaks the carboxylic bond in the ochratoxin and converts it into an inactive and harmless compound on the health of birds and is taken out with feces of birds and animals.

Mannan oligo saccharides

The way in which the packaging of the part of the Manan oligo saccharide micronized high purity indicates the high technology to fight ochratoxin and the rest of the types of toxins where the part of Mannan oligo saccharides was packed several layers to enable Okry Pollo to perform its work by converting the ochratoxin biologically to non-toxic compounds and does not affect at all the efficiency of productivity For birds and animals. ,, It adsorbs the various fungal toxins that have electrical charges and prevents absorption and expelled them outside the body. Activates beneficial bacteria in the intestines of birds and animals and inhibition of harmful bacteria.

Extract of Lactobacillus

It contains many enzymes and important nutrients that have the potential to convert fungal toxins into non-toxic compounds, as well as containing bactericin and pastrasin which limit the activity of harmful bacteria inside the intestine such as E. coli, salmonella and clostridia


The birds and animals compensate for many of the mineral salts and vitamins that are lost by the body and the lack of food that is caused by the failure to eat as a result of toxins and other fungal diseases


1-Mycotoxicosis spically ochratoxins .
2-Support kidey function in case of renal form of IB infection.
3-Improve immune system , perfromance and conversion rate of the birds.

Note * DON'T Use Okry Pollo in acidic media or with any acidifier because acidic media activate ochratoxins

Each 1 liter contains

Component Amount
Manan Oligo Scraide 25 g
Lactobacillus Extract 20 g
Molasses 60 g
Distilled water up to 1 liter

1- In cases of fungal infections, especially oxytoxin.
2 - improves the function of kidney, especially in the case of IB renal injury.
3 - improves the performance of the immune system and the overall performance and conversion rate in birds.

0.5 to 1 cm / 1 liter of drinking water according to the amount of toxins from 3 to 5 days