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Carny Pollo

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1-It play an important role in fatty acid metabolism into mitochondrial oxidative pathway to produce energy.
2-Growth promoter.
3-Immune stimulant.
4-Antioxidant .
5-Improve hatchability
6-Improve semen quality
7- Improve Egg shell quality
8- facillitate yolk sac absorption so avoid omphalitis


1- Its major functions in animals are as an osmolyte and methyl donor , Its osmolytic properties are useful to help maintain the gut mucus membrane during heat stress and digestive disorders. As a methyl donor
2- it is involved in the synthesis of methionine. Betaine is also reported to improve breast meat yield in broilers

L-Lysine & Methionine

1-Essential amino acid
2-improve carcass quality
3-improve egg quality & production

Vitamen E

1- Immune stimulant
2- antioxidant
3- Vitamin E has been shown to be essential for integrity and optimum function of reproductive, muscular, circulatory, nervous, and immune systems (Hoekstra, 1975; Sheffy and Schultz, 1979; Bendich, 1987; McDowell, 2000

Choline chloride.

1- Can not be synthesize in poultry
2- Birds should receive enough choline to meet their requirement
3- Its essential in the building and maintenance of cell structure as well as ensuring normal maturation of the cartilage matrix of bone ,including the prevention of perosis in broilers
4- Fat metabolism in liver , prevent fatty liver
5- Precursor for acetyl choline synthesis , the transmission agent for impulses along the sympathetic nervous system


1- stimulate the secretion of pancreatic enzymes.
2- Has detoxifying effect on the liver by increasing the production of bile salts.

Each 1 liter contains

Component Amount
El Karentin 80 g
El Lysine 80 g
Peytien 60 g
Sorbitol 100 g
Vitamin E 40 g
Methionine 25 g
Colin Colored 10 g
Distilled water up to 1 liter

1 - liver tonic 2 - cases of the accumulation of fat on the liver
3 - in cases of injury to fungal toxins 4 - thermal stress
5 - cases of low egg production 6 - cases of low weight
7 - Improve fertility and efficient sperm
8. Growth tonic and immunity booster
9. Helps to easily absorb the sacral sac to avoid navel inflammation.

1/2 cm per 1 liter drinking water